John Oliver Gets Edward Snowden To Explain Government Snooping In Terms Of Penis Photos

John Oliver Gets Edward Snowden To Explain Government Snooping In Terms Of Penis Photos

By June 1, Congress must decide whether or not to reauthorize certain sections of the controversial USA Patriot Act (aka the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act), but even though it’s been nearly two years since former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden revealed the NSA’s massive and far-reaching data collection programs, many Americans either are only vaguely aware or don’t understand because it’s not easy to immediately see how things like PRISM and MYSTIC affect your daily existence. That’s why John Oliver not only went straight to Snowden for an explanation of these programs, but to have him put the snooping in terms many Internet-era perverts can understand: penis photos. [More]

A recently leaked top secret NSA sketch, complete with smiley face, showing how the agency exploits the connection between Google's front-end servers and its data centers to then access that data center network and reap massive amounts of information.

NSA Ticks Off Google & Yahoo With Report Of Snooping On Private Data Centers

The latest round of revelations about National Security Agency cyber-snooping includes information that the NSA infiltrated private networks operated by Google and Yahoo. Not surprisingly, these two titans of the Internet are not pleased to find out about the government’s invasive actions. [More]


Apple Says It Received 5,000 Data Requests From Law Enforcement, Doesn’t Say How Many It Fulfilled

With many people still wondering about the extent to which the National Security Agency and other authorities were peeping in to consumers’ phone and Internet activities, some of the larger firms caught up in the scandal are making attempts at being transparent about what they did and didn’t hand over to the government. However, some are being more transparent than others. [More]