Sears Announces Final Two Stores They’ll Be Sharing With Primark

Last year, as part of their “taking on roommates” strategy of keeping their doors open, Sears announced that they were leasing parts of seven stores to Primark, a clothing retailer out of Ireland. Sears has finally named all seven of the stores where Primark will be moving in. All seven are in the Northeast. [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Sears Closer To Goal Of Becoming Landlord, Leases Parts Of Seven Stores To Primark

Back in June, we pointed out something interesting about Sears and Kmart: part of the company’s comeback plan is to rent or sell any stores that it can. Vacant buildings seek new owners or tenants, and stores that will remain in business want to sublet part of their space to a roommate to keep the lights on. Today, Sears announced that they’re renting seven spaces to Irish clothing retailer Primark, closing one of their stores to rent out instead. [More]

Bikinis For Children: Now With Padded Bras

Bikinis For Children: Now With Padded Bras

What constitutes an appropriate swimsuit for elementary school-aged girls? Is a bikini inappropriate? How about a padded bikini? This summer, U.K. discounter Primark tried marketing a bikini with a padded top, aimed at girls as young as seven. It didn’t go well. The chain removed the suit from its racks only hours after tabloid The Sun declared the product a [pedophile] bikini. [More]