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Herry Lawford

As Grocery Stores Serve More Prepared Meals, They Have More Food-Safety Issues

When you want to grab a quick dinner, where do you go? An increasing number of Americans go to their local supermarket, not to a restaurant, to buy fresh prepared food to take home. This is a profitable business for grocery and big-box stores, but also leads to problems: serving ready-to-eat food means that they risk serving ready-to-eat pathogens, too. [More]

Whole Foods Shrink Rays Holiday Dinner

Whole Foods Shrink Rays Holiday Dinner

Paul and his wife purchased a pre-cooked feast for eight people at Whole Foods, but they claim that they didn’t get their whole order of food. Their two-pound side dishes, sold by weight, actually weighed in at as little as 1 pound, 3 ounces. Is their kitchen scale broken, or is something wrong at Whole Foods? [More]