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3M Vows To Avoid Using Paper Sources That Come From Threatened Forests

Manufacturing company 3M announced a policy change today that aims to ensure its pulp and paper suppliers are doing their best to preserve the environment by only providing materials from protected forests.   [More]

3M Steals Viral Image Idea To Avoid Licensing It

3M Steals Viral Image Idea To Avoid Licensing It

There is probably nothing more pathetic in the world of marketing than watching a big corporation try to do something “viral”—usually they end up looking like Elaine dancing. But sometimes, they’re so cynical and soulless about it that they don’t just come across as incompetent, but as exploitative cheapskates as well. In 3M’s case, they wouldn’t pay $2,000 to license a well-known photo with its own viral history, and instead recreated a fake version of it to save a grand. We guess they’re just hoping none of the sites and communities that made the photo popular in the first place will notice. Oh wait, this is supposed to be viral or something…