(Chris Rief)

What’s The Fastest Way To Beam 10 Bucks To A Friend?

Let’s say that you owe a friend money, but you can’t just hand them some cash and call it a day: your friend lives in a different state. What is the easiest, most cost-effective, and most importantly the fastest way to beam money from one person to another? Over at the Wall Street Journal’s Marketwatch, staffers decided to race four different services and see how they differed. [More]


Popmoney Seemed Easy, Then I Tried To Actually Get My Money

Popmoney seems like a great idea, and lots of banks offer it to their customers. It’s sort of like PayPal, but without having to deal with PayPal. You send people money using their mobile number or e-mail address. It’s a new offering from Fiserv, a company that you probably haven’t heard of but have most likely done business with indirectly. They handle money transfers behind the scenes for banks, and other financial institutions. [More]