Dispatches from the employed, but unhappy.

FireMe Helps The World Discover How You Really Feel About Your Job

Do you hate your job? Do you love social media? Do you make the mistake of combining the two? If so, you may find yourself featured on FireMe, a research project that highlights public tweets from people talking $@#% about their boss and/or employment situation. [More]

1983 PleaseRobMe, 1977 Foursquare

1983 PleaseRobMe, 1977 Foursquare

Technology is scary! People will use all these status and twitter and facebook updates to find out when you’re not home and come and steal all your DVDs! At least that was the ballyhoo last week when the site PleaseRobMe launched. Turns out, they were just reinventing the fear wheel. Andy Baio found an article from 1983 that warned consumers that burglars would know by your answering machine picking up that you weren’t home, and one from 1977 that advised against posting funeral notices in the paper, lest robbers make off with the silver while you’re burying grandpa. The more things change, the less they do. [More]