These are just a handful of the products showcased on Amazon's new LaunchPad platform.

Amazon Debuts Launchpad, A Store Showcasing Crowdfunded Products

From books to mini-tanks, Amazon might be a one-stop-online-shop for just about anything consumers could desire, and with the unveiling of its new platform, Launchpad, the e-tailer is now gunning to be the one-stop-marketing-and-distribution center for startups. [More]

HP And Yahoo Want To Put Ads On Your Printouts

HP And Yahoo Want To Put Ads On Your Printouts

Google’s not the only company that wants to put ads on everything you read. HP’s new web-connected printers will let you send pages or photos directly from websites or phones and schedule recurring printouts from content partners–and the company is pilot testing a program with Yahoo’s advertising network to deliver targeted ads on those scheduled printouts. [More]