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The Battle Between Trader Joe’s & Pirate Joe’s Rages On

Can you effectively recreate a supermarket by buying a bunch of that store’s products, shipping them across the border and selling them in a store with a deliberately similar name? That’s the question at the center of a years-long legal battle between Trader Joe’s and its Canadian lookalike Pirate Joe’s. [More]

Trader Joe’s Loses Lawsuit Against Canadian Reseller Pirate Joe’s

Trader Joe’s Loses Lawsuit Against Canadian Reseller Pirate Joe’s

Pirate Joe’s is a small retail store in Vancouver that sells only one line of merchandise: stuff purchased from Trader Joe’s and trucked across the border. People in Vancouver love Trader Joe’s, see, but the chain has no Canadian stores. Pirate Joe’s fills in the gaps for customers who don’t want to travel across the border but who really want pecan praline granola and chocolate-covered potato chips. [More]


Trader Joe’s Sues Owner Of Store In Canada That Sells Only Trader Joe’s Items

Trader Joe’s has made it known that they want one of their best customers to stay away. That’s because he isn’t buying thousands of dollars’ worth of gluten-free granola and chocolate-covered potato chips for his household in Canada: he’s hauling them across the border to sell at his own shop, called Pirate Joe’s, at higher prices. [More]