Pink Tax


NYC Pharmacy Instituting 7% “Man Tax” To Highlight Gender Pricing Discrimination

In an effort to bring awareness to discrimination in gender pricing — for example, charging a so-called “pink tax” on feminine hygiene products — one New York pharmacy has a new rule: male customers have to pay a 7% tax on items for men. [More]


Legislators Put The Kibosh On New York’s Tampon Sales Tax

Tampons are about to get a little bit cheaper for New York residents, after the state’s senate unanimously approved a bill that exempts feminine hygiene products from sales tax. [More]

(Brad Cerenzia)

Illinois Could Be Next State To Do Away With “Pink Tax” On Feminine Hygiene Products

Just a week after five New York women filed a lawsuit against the state’s Department of Taxation and Finance for tacking on sales tax to tampons, Illinois lawmakers have advanced a bill that would exempt feminine hygiene and incontinence products from state sales tax.  [More]