Vintage Food Ads: Nabisco Bacon Thins, Parmesan Fruit Salad, And Food Sticks


Over time, food tastes change. This happens both because of trends and normal evolution, and because marketers tell us what it is that we want. On both counts, the middle of the 20th century was a terrible, terrifying time for American food.


Grocery Shrink Ray Takes Bites Out Of Wheat Thins And Pillsbury Cake Mix

Grocery Shrink Ray Takes Bites Out Of Wheat Thins And Pillsbury Cake Mix

Is it the Grocery Shrink Ray, or are companies looking out for our health? A box of Pillsbury cake mix has shrunk three ounces, but still makes the same number of (slightly smaller) cupcakes. Wheat Thins lose .9 ounces in the box, but have gained ten grams of “whole grains” per serving. Are they looking out for our health, or… nah, probably just their bottom line. [More]

General Mills Sues So You Don't Confuse Pillsbury Doughboy With "My Dough Girl" Bakery

Great news, easily confused consumers! General Mills has forced the local Utah bakery “My Dough Girl” to change its name so you won’t confuse their hand-crafted specialty cookies with the Pillsbury Doughboy. The company sent the two-year-old local bakery a cease and desist letter complete with a gag order explaining that the bakery could “tarnish the company’s reputation.”


Pillsbury Offers Conflicting Biscuit-Baking Information

Aaron’s Pillsbury 12 Flaky Layer Biscuits say bake for 11-20 minutes and 20-28 minutes. Aaron, confused and hungry for flaky layer biscuits, tried calling for help.

When I called their customer support line, they were gone for the day. You’d think they’d have someone working when people are most likely to be using their products.

Should Aaron bake his biscuits for 11-20 minutes or 20-28 minutes? What other products offer conflicting information? Tell us about them in the comments. Send pictures to tips [at] consumerist [dot] com. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER