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Håkan Dahlström

Massive IKEA Dresser Recall Means Long Phone Queues, Illegal Resales Online

IKEA is finally offering a fairly consumer-friendly recall on furniture that has tragically killed six children in the last three decades. Unfortunately, the massive recall effort is not exactly going as planned to keep the dangerous dressers out of consumers’ homes. [More]

Tales From The AT&T Landline Twilight Zone

Tales From The AT&T Landline Twilight Zone

Imagine an alternate dimension. One where you have phone service, but it isn’t working. You call AT&T your service provider, and their automated response system tells you that you aren’t an AT&T customer, and to call your actual provider. When you call up AT&T to wait for an actual human to sort this out, they call you back… to immediately put you on hold. [More]