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Police: Phone Repair Tech Sent Female Customer’s Personal Photos To Himself

Sometimes, we have no choice but to leave our smart devices in the hands of another. But after she left her phone for repair, a woman in the Atlanta area was shocked to find out that someone had been text messaging an unknown number from her phone. [More]

Dish Will Send Someone To Your House To Fix Your Broken iPhone

Dish Will Send Someone To Your House To Fix Your Broken iPhone

One of the most annoying things about breaking your phone is having to go somewhere and wait in line to get it fixed. There’s another, unexpected option now for iPhone users who have shattered their device’s screens or need help with a dead battery: satellite provider Dish has launched a new repair service that sends a technician to wherever the customer is. [More]


Getting Your iPhone Fixed Is Not An Invitation To Be Sexually Harassed

Sure, an employee might flirt with customers here and there, and maybe ask one out on occasion. When someone isn’t interested, though, it’s time to drop the matter. And when they remind you more than once that they’re under age, it’s really time to drop it. Such subtleties were not obvious to a 33-year-old AT&T store worker who wouldn’t stop texting a 16-year-old who came in one day to get his iPhone fixed. [More]