Career Advice Gleaned From Celebrities

There are as many ways to succeed as there are successful people. By learning from those with impressive careers, you can discover advice you can apply to your own life. [More]

Sh*& People Say About Money

Sh*& People Say About Money

Financial advice delivered in the form of pithy maxims tends to stick in the mind more than long, flowery essays. Short sayings that are funny or well-reasoned deliver sharp advice that can serve as mantras for those seeking guidance with their money, or mock truths everyone takes for granted. [More]

Does Super-Sizing Disprove Free Will?

Our favorite neuroscience blog, Mind Hacks rebuffs a profound philosophical question: does unthinkingly opting to super-size your small popcorn disprove the concept of freewill, thus making you a soulless automoton? After all, if you decide you want a medium instead of a large, then pay thirty-five cents more to Super-Size that transaction, doesn’t that mean you’re a philosophical zombie?