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Evanger’s Expands Recall Of Dog Food That Could Contain Euthanasia Drugs

Earlier this year, products from high-end dog food brands Evanger’s and Against the Grain were recalled earlier this year for a surprising reason: Cans from that batch were found to be contaminated with pentobarbital, a drug used for euthanasia mostly of dogs, cats, and horses. The source of the drug still hasn’t been discovered, and now Evanger’s has quietly added another variety of dog food to the recall. [More]


Bravo And Steve’s Real Food Cat And Dog Foods Recalled For Salmonella

Batches of raw pet food have tested positive for Salmonella, and have been recalled by the manufacturers. Minnesota Department of Agriculture tests found bacteria in 2-pound tubes of Bravo Chicken for both dogs and cats and Turducken dog food from Steve’s Real Food. The recalls affect one lot for each respective brand – check out the recall announcements for lot numbers, expiration dates, and contact information for the companies. [via Dog Food Advisor] [More]