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Laptop Ban On U.S.-Bound Flights On Royal Jordanian, Kuwait Airways Lifted

Two additional Middle East airlines are now exempt from the Department of Transportation’s ban on laptops and other personal electronics put in place in March: Royal Jordanian and Kuwait Airways became the latest carriers to have the in-cabin laptop ban lifted.  [More]


Jawbone Preparing To Shut Down, Liquidate All Its Assets

After years of fighting with its rival Fitbit over fitness trackers, Jawbone, the personal electronics company that was once valued at almost $3 billion, is reportedly preparing to shut everything down and sell off all of its assets. [More]


In-Flight Electronics Ban Could Be Expanded To Include Flights From Europe

Transatlantic travel may soon require you to pack a few good books. The federal government may expand its limited ban on carry-on electronics to include some flights coming from airports in Europe. [More]