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5 Questions To Ask Before Using A Peer-To-Peer Mobile Payment App

It’s never been easier to split the bill with your friends — from “Venmo-ing” $20 for a birthday gift or Facebook messaging $12 for your share of last night’s pizza. But brand new peer-to-peer (P2P) payment systems backed by big players, including established banks, are hitting app stores this year. Apple plans to debut its own P2P app this fall, while the big banks are banding together for a product called Zelle. With so many competing services, how will you decide which system (if any) to use? [More]

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If You Use Services Like Venmo For The Wrong Purpose, You Could Lose Money

There are a plethora of peer-to-peer payment options on the market, think Venmo, Facebook Payments, or Square Cash. Each offer users an easy, convenient way to transfer money between people, but many have very specific intended uses; some are for paying your friends, others are for buying goods or paying for services. Some can be used for both, but may require different accounts. It’s important to know the difference, lest you become the latest victim of a scam or simply become shut out from your account.  [More]

Apple To Debut Peer-To-Peer Payment System This Fall

Apple To Debut Peer-To-Peer Payment System This Fall

A month after the rumor mill began swirling with predictions that Apple would soon unveil a peer-to-peer payment system rivaling Venmo and Square Cash, the tech giant did just that: Pay Cash will allow users to send payments to friends and family directly through the Apple Pay app.  [More]

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Rumors Swirling Again Over Possible Apple Peer-To-Peer Payment System

It’s like we fell asleep and woke up in 2015: Once again, the rumor mill is whirring along with claims that Apple is working on a Venmo-like peer-to-peer service that would allow people to transfer money to each other with the click of a button. [More]

Apple Reportedly Exploring Person-To-Person Payment System

Apple Reportedly Exploring Person-To-Person Payment System

Not content allowing iPhone users to simply pay for their purchases via its mobile wallet, Apple is reportedly working on a peer-to-peer payment service that will let individuals send money to each other as easily as they would send off a text.  [More]