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T-Mobile Won’t Refund Peace Corps Volunteer’s ETF Because South Pacific Isn’t ‘Overseas’ Enough

Naseem is a Peace Corps volunteer, serving in the South Pacific. She had once been told that as a U.S. government employee sent to an overseas posting, she would be freed from her T-Mobile contract when the time came for her to leave the country. She had nothing to worry about, all of the company representatives she talked to assured her. It would be fine. She would have to pay an early termination fee. Until someone at T-Mobile decided that the South Pacific doesn’t count as “overseas,” and she has to somehow prove that she’s not still in the United States. [More]

Looking For A Job? The Foreign Service Is Hiring

Looking For A Job? The Foreign Service Is Hiring

The New York Times reports that the freeze on Foreign Service hiring has been lifted, so if you’re willing to endure being moved to a new (occasionally dangerous) country every 2 to 3 years…