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Adam Fagen

Apple May Offer Premium HBO/Showtime/Starz TV Bundle

One reason some TV fans are tempted to cut the cord? Having to pay for a whole slew of basic channels when all you really want to watch is a few. Those are the people Apple is after with a reported plan to sell HBO, Showtime, and Starz as a bundle. [More]

Pay-TV providers have added more than 50 channels since 2008, but the average household still only watches about 17 of them.

Cable Companies Keep Adding Channels, But We’re Not Watching Any More Of Them

If you’re one of those TV viewers who knows exactly where on their vast channel list to find the few stations you watch regularly, or who frustratedly skims past screen after screen of channels you not only don’t watch but don’t even know the names of, you’re not alone. In fact, a new report confirms that the average TV watcher only looks at fewer than 1-in-10 of the channels that come into their homes. [More]

Court Rules That Pay TV's Nasty Habit Of Bundling Channels Is Legal

Court Rules That Pay TV's Nasty Habit Of Bundling Channels Is Legal

Pay TV companies make bundles by bundling channels together in subscription packages, forcing customers to pay inflated fees for packages that are stuffed with channels they don’t care about. The U.S. Court of Appeals could have done subscribers a solid by forcing cable and satellite companies to change their modus operandi, but it ruled that there’s nothing illegal about the exploitative practice, upholding a judgment in a lower court. [More]