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Feds Deny Petition To Recall 850,000 Nissans Over Transmission Issue

Four years after a consumer group asked federal safety regulators to recall more than 850,000 Nissan vehicles based on hundreds of owner complaints that the cars would unexpectedly lose speed or stall, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration declined to pursue the issue, despite finding there was a mechanical problem with the vehicle transmissions.  [More]

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Nissan Recalls 768,000 SUVs For Fire Risks, Flying Hood Issues

Nissan Motor Co. issued two separate recalls this week that cover more than 768,000 SUVs and crossover vehicles in North America because no one wants to drive a car that can catch fire or that has a hood that could unexpectedly fly up while driving down the road.  [More]

Nissan Loses Devoted Customer Over Demonic Driver's Seat

Nissan Loses Devoted Customer Over Demonic Driver's Seat

Consumerist reader Brian has been devoted Nissan owner his entire adult life, having owned upward of 10 different Nissan vehicles over the years. But now Brian is looking to move onto non-Nissan pastures after the driver’s side seat of his new Pathfinder became possessed by some sort of malicious demon. [More]