Panera Bread Co.

How Panera Sped Up Ordering And Dispersed Its ‘Mosh Pit’

How Panera Sped Up Ordering And Dispersed Its ‘Mosh Pit’

It’s not a good sign when you’re a fast-casual restaurant, and your company’s own chairman wonders whether he should just have just stayed home and had leftovers for lunch instead of driving there. Panera Bread Co.’s Ron Shaich realized that other people would ask themselves the same question, and made changes to the ordering process that are finally paying off. [More]


Panera Suing Former IT Exec And His New Employer Papa John’s Over Trade Secrets

It’s tough out there for food chains who are trying to attract customers with the newest, the freshest, the healthiest, and the tastiest menu items. That intense rivalry is why many companies require non-compete clauses in employees’ contracts, to keep trade secrets, well, secret. [More]