Facebook Tests Limiting News Feed Access To Just Advertisers

While lots of people still get their news by regularly reading certain sites, doing searches to find stories of interest, or through any of the countless aggregating platforms, Facebook has increasingly become many content producers’ most important source of traffic. And while some sites pay to have their stories inserted into Facebook users’ news feeds, others are reaping the benefit of social sharing without paying Facebook a dime. In a move ostensibly intended to declutter users’ feeds, but seen by some as a way to strong-arm content companies into advertising, Facebook is now looking to possibly limit primary news feed access only to those sites that pay to be there.  [More]

Two Facebook Apps To Help You Fight Back Against Facebook

Two Facebook Apps To Help You Fight Back Against Facebook

If you’re unhappy with the latest Facebook privacy settings but don’t want to kill your account completely, ReadWriteWeb has highlighted two services–both Facebook apps–that might give you back some control. They’re not perfect solutions, though. The Green Safe app scrapes all your data into a stand-alone tab that only your friends can access, but it also means a third-party developer will replace Facebook as your data holder (the app will use your data to serve ads as well). The Give Me My Data app lets you export all of your Facebook content so that you don’t lose anything if you disconnect your profile from Facebook’s pages. [More]