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Are More Airline Outages Inevitable? Some Experts Think So

In just the past two weeks, two major airlines have suffered massive technical glitches, bringing their operations to a screeching halt, canceling thousand of flights, and stranding thousands of passengers. But a new report suggests that even more devastating glitches are likely to happen thanks in part to an aging U.S. airline reservation system technology.  [More]


Former Apple Exec Behind The iPod On Gadget Nostalgia: “Time Marches On”

Do you whisper goodnight to your iPod classic before tucking it into its bed each night? Are you the kind of person who still pines for the first Nintendo you ever had, eschewing all other gaming consoles ever since? Get over it, says the former Apple executive who oversaw the iPod until leaving the company in 2008. All technology is born to die, and be replaced. [More]