SeaWorld San Diego Will Phase Out “Shamu Show” For One With A “Conservation” Message

SeaWorld San Diego Will Phase Out “Shamu Show” For One With A “Conservation” Message

Even amid growing concern about the safety and welfare of both the animals and their trainers, SeaWorld had remained steadfast in defending its signature “Shamu Show,” with commercials and marketing trying to reassure the public that it was doing right by these large and potentially deadly marine animals. Today, the heavily scrutinized theme park company took a step intended to quiet at least some of its critics. [More]

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SeaWorld Lawsuit: “Shamu Show” Was A Sham That Masked “Ugly Truth” About Lives Of Whales At The Park

Despite attempting to reassure the public that all is well under its artificial seas, SeaWorld continues to face criticism from the general public: A new class-action lawsuit against SeaWorld claims that the park made hundreds of millions of dollars from its “Shamu Show,” all while hiding the truth of how its killer whales were treated. [More]

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SeaWorld San Diego Pledges To Double The Size Of Orca Environment, Spend $10M On Research

What’s a company that makes its money off captive marine life to do when a documentary stirs up controversy? If you’re SeaWorld, you start coming up with ways to quell the critics: SeaWorld San Diego announced today that it’s going to double the size of its orca environment and spend $10 million in research on killer whales, as well as setting up an independent advisory committee with scientists to supervise its orca program. [More]