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Spotify Has 10 Million Paying Customers, Still Loses Money

There have been three broad eras so far of online music. There was the era of Napster, when rampant piracy was great for music-loving young people, and a seeming catastrophe for artists and record labels. There was the era of iTunes, which allowed fans to buy only the single song that they wanted to hear. Now the era of Spotify lets us simply stream music on a variety of devices. It’s convenient, but is it sustainable for everyone…especially Spotify, which still doesn’t turn a profit? [More]

(Paxton Holley)

Microsoft’s New Streaming Music Service Is Free But Only If You’re Running Windows 8 Or RT

Microsoft is throwing its hat in the free streaming music ring, in a move that could act as a bit of a one-up on Apple (which doesn’t have any streaming service), but unlike Spotify or Pandora, not everyone will be able to take advantage of the Xbox Music service. The free feature will only work on PCs and tablets running Windows 8 or its upcoming Windows RT operating system. [More]