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(Don Buciak II)

Federal Judge Blocks Formation Of Foodservice Supply Voltron

Sysco and US Foods, the two biggest national foodservice suppliers, want to merge, and the meanies at the Federal Trade Commission won’t let them. Regulators think this merger would be bad for the companies’ customers–and their customers are food service institutions ranging from the most humble snack bars to the fanciest restaurants. Back in February, the FTC sued to stop the merger, and today a federal judge has issued a preliminary injunction blocking it. [More]

(Don Buciak II)

Sysco And FTC Fight Over Proposed Merger, Food Service Voltron

The Federal Trade Commission and commercial food supplier Sysco are meeting in court today over Sysco’s right to acquire its next biggest national competitor, US Foods. Does America need a food service Voltron? Sysco is defending its proposed acquisition, but the FTC stands against it. Arguments in federal court started today, and could last for more than a week. [More]