The TSA Now Has A Nice Six-Point Throwing Star With Folding Blades In Its Collection

Of course there’s the occasional time you forget that nice set of kitchen knives is in your carry-on, or you didn’t realize that all-purpose razor fell into the bag. But wouldn’t you probably remember not to pack your six-point throwing star with folding blades? It’s just that kind of apparent forgetfulness that has given the Transportation Security Administration a new ninja weapon. [More]

What's The Best Way To Deal With Obnoxious Moviegoers?

What's The Best Way To Deal With Obnoxious Moviegoers?

With movie ticket prices continuing to increase — and the home theater experience getting less expensive and more immersive — you can understand why consumers would get upset if their night out at the cinema is spoiled by some mouthy jerk, or by that person three seats over who can’t seem to stop texting. But how best to handle these people — Shaming? Violence? Ninjas? [More]