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Young Grocery Shoppers Have No Idea Who This ‘Paul Newman’ Guy Is

Paul Newman was a very famous movie star. This will seem obvious to readers above a certain age and fans of classic films, but it is apparently not that obvious to all grocery shoppers. While you’d think that the late star’s Newman’s Own line of organic food that turns over profits to charity would be a hit with civic-minded foodies, that guy on the label may as well be Duncan Hines or Chef Boyardee to younger shoppers. [More]


Newman’s Own Takes Accusations Of Cat Food Recall Really, Really Seriously

Like most Consumerist readers, Richard was out looking for cat food of only the finest quality. The local high-end pet store didn’t carry the Newman’s Own product that he was looking for, and he was surprised to hear why. The employee told him that it had been recalled and the store wouldn’t stock it. This surprised Richard: he hadn’t heard about any recalls, so he sent a quick e-mail using the company web site’s form. Most of us would assume at this point that we’d hear back from a customer service drone, maybe. Not a staff veterinarian. [More]

This Bottle Of Salad Dressing At Target Only Expired Five Months Ago

This Bottle Of Salad Dressing At Target Only Expired Five Months Ago

Paul Newman (who died in 2008) may have still been alive when this bottle of salad dressing was manufactured. Bridget in Minnesota told Consumerist that sge purchased it at her local Target. She got a refund from the store, but she’s still a little alarmed that they would sell her such a thing. [More]