Karen Chappell

Garden-Care Company Ortho Phasing Out Chemicals Linked To Declining Bee Population

Ortho, a major player in the garden-care industry and subsidiary of Scotts Miracle-Gro, has tongues buzzing over the news that it will start to “transition away” from using chemicals in its pesticides that are believed to be harmful to honey bees. [More]

Theodore Scott

Maryland Passes Bill That Would Keep Pesticides Harmful To Bees Off Retail Shelves

Although some retailers have stopped selling pesticides that are thought to be harmful to bees, amid concerns over the declining population of honeymakers, Maryland will become the first state to have a legal measure barring the products. [More]


Lowe’s Will Stop Selling Pesticides Blamed For Honeybee Decline

Jumping on the anti-neonicotinoids bandwagon with Portland is home improvement retailer Lowe’s, which says it’ll stop peddling the pesticide many critics say is to blame for declining honeybee populations. [More]

(Theodore Scott)

Portland Bans Insecticide Blamed For Decline In Honey Bee Population

Out of concern for a depletion in the number of honey bees in recent years, the city of Portland, OR has approved a ban on the use of an insecticide that conservationists say is to blame for killing off the honeymakers, despite protests from some local farmers. [More]