Waze Wants To Tell You When You’re Over The Speed Limit

One feature of the Google-owned navigation app Waze that I hear is very useful is its sometimes-controversial crowdsourced police alerts, which warn users when there’s a speed trap ahead. Now the app is adding a feature which your GPS from the last decade may have had: it will warn you when you’re over the speed limit. [More]

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Google Maps Launches Offline Navigation And Search Options

As it was foretold back in May, so it has come to pass: for all those times when you need to know where you’re going but don’t have great Internet service, Google Maps has introduced offline navigation and search. [More]

Garmin Puts Good Customer Service On The Map

Garmin Puts Good Customer Service On The Map

The battery on Bryan’s Garmin Streetpilot lost the will to hold a steady charge. Figuring that the unit’s warranty had expired, Brian asked for a replacement through MasterCard’s extended warranty protection. MasterCard required documentation from Garmin, which Bryan requested. Instead of providing the documents, Garmin responded with something else.