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Feds Hit Tesla With Complaint For Allegedly Violating Workers’ Rights

Feds Hit Tesla With Complaint For Allegedly Violating Workers’ Rights

Months after some Tesla employees interested accused Tesla of illegally intimidating them, the National Labor Relations Board has taken their side. [More]


Staples And USPS End In-Store Shipping Partnership After NLRB Ruling

Back in 2013, the U.S. Postal Service and Staples had a great shared idea: mini post offices in Staples stores would give customers flexibility and the postal service some extra cash. Problem is, the folks staffing these in-store post offices were Staples employees, which didn’t sit will with the union representing postal workers. [More]


NLRB: Chipotle Wrong To Make Employee Delete Critical Tweets, Fire Him For Having PTSD

Do you have a right to complain about your job and your employer on social media? It might not be advisable for your career, but a recent National Labor Relations Board decision is that Chipotle was wrong to fire an employee for his Tweets about the company’s labor practices and because his manager feared that he may become violent. [More]

Labor Board Orders Walmart To Rehire 16 Employees Fired For Striking

Labor Board Orders Walmart To Rehire 16 Employees Fired For Striking

In 2013, a group of Walmart workers chartered buses and traveled to the retailer’s Arkansas headquarters to protest what they believed were inadequate wages and unfair treatment of employees. Several people involved in that event were subsequently fired, but a federal labor court now says Walmart must rehire, and provide back pay to, 16 of these workers.


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T-Mobile Illegally Restricted Employees’ Right To Discuss Workplace Issues, Join Unions

A long-standing dispute between T-Mobile and an communication workers union came to an end Wednesday, with the wireless company on the losing side. [More]


American Apparel Employees File Complaints Against Company For Alleged Intimidation, Silencing Tactics

It has not been an easy road for American Apparel after firing founder and former CEO Dov Charney last year: Charney announced in December that he’s trying to plan a comeback, and now two complaints filed by workers allege that the company is intimidating its workers and trying to keep them from talking to the media about the company’s troubles. [More]


NLRB: McDonald’s Retaliation Against Workers Who Participated In Protests Violates Their Rights

McDonald’s and some of its franchisees retaliated against workers who participated in protests and other demonstrations over hours and working conditions, the National Labor Relations Board said today, in announcing several complaints it filed accusing the fast-food chain of violating workers’ rights with “discriminatory discipline.” [More]

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NLRB Judge Rules That Walmart Illegally Punished California Workers For Participating In Protests

In recent years, some Walmart workers have staged public protests about inadequate wages and unfair treatment. A number of these employees claim that management has retaliated against them for expressing their views. Now a court has ordered Walmart to reverse disciplinary action taken against protesting workers and put a stop to future retaliation.


Workers Fired For Facebook Post Get Jobs Back

Workers Fired For Facebook Post Get Jobs Back

According to the National Labor Relations Board, workers have the right to publicly gripe about workplace conditions without suffering retribution. An NLRB judgment in a messy case last week reaffirmed the stance. An employee at a Buffalo nonprofit complained about the work ethic of a coworker on Facebook, and coworkers piled on in comments. After the organization fired the employees, citing an anti-cyber harassment policy, one of them filed a complaint via the NLRB. [More]