Oliver Holzbauer

American Airlines To Meet With NAACP To Discuss Claims Of Racial Bias

After the NAACP issued a travel advisory warning non-white travelers that their safety and well-being may be at risk when flying American Airlines, the social justice advocacy group and the airline will be meeting to discuss numerous claims of racial mistreatment. [More]

Evan Jackson

City-Owned Airport Can’t Reject Ads Just Because They Aren’t Selling A Product

If a city-owned facility is going to sell advertising space to bring in revenue, to what extent can the city restrict the content of those ads before crossing the line into government-ordered censorship? This week, a federal appeals court confirmed that when a city enacts a wholesale ban on certain types of ads, it’s gone too far. [More]

HSBC, Wells Fargo Accused Of Racism In Mortgage Issuing

HSBC, Wells Fargo Accused Of Racism In Mortgage Issuing

The NAACP this week filed a class action suit accusing Wells Fargo and HSBC of charging unfairly high interest rates to African American homeowners with high incomes and high credit scores. The banks were quick to slap down the charges as “totally unfounded and reckless,” even in the face of convincing evidence from the NAACP.