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Lyft Will Now Let Passengers Add An Extra Stop To Their Ride

If you’ve ever found yourself politely asking your driver if he can make an extra stop along your route — “just really quickly, I swear!” — then a new feature from Lyft may be appealing to you. [More]

Make sure to remove all cats before heading to bar/laundromat. (debsagain)

Bar That Does Laundry, Feeds You Grilled Cheese Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

As any city dweller knows, if you don’t have laundry in your apartment (ha, who do you think you are, Donald Trump?) or even in the building, the laundromat is the sole, annoying option. It’s a hassle to drag your clothes down the street and then sit there blocking out Wheel of Fortune while waiting for your duds to sud. But it could be so, so much better. [More]