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ExxonMobil Introduces Payment Via Apple Pay, In-App Purchases Only

Giving customers the ability to pay for gasoline at the pump using a mobile app is an ideal solution: encrypted mobile payments are more secure than magnetic-stripe cards, and card-skimmer crooks haven’t (yet) found a way to intercept payment information. ExxonMobil has added mobile payments to their pumps, but with a catch: you have to use their app instead of your mobile wallet, and that app is iPhone-only. [More]

(John Abella)

No, This Arab Immigrant Does Not Refuse To Sell Gasoline To Soldiers

Is there bigoted immigrant gas station owner in Michigan who refuses to do business with members of the American armed forces? Well… no, but that didn’t stop people from passing on a call to boycott it. Before you hit “share” on an angry call to boycott a business, consider whether the precipitating incident could be a huge misunderstanding. [More]

ExxonMobil Gift Card Results In Higher Prices At Pump

ExxonMobil Gift Card Results In Higher Prices At Pump

ExxonMobil says their gift cards are “better than cash.” They also say, “This cash card is not a credit card.” But Rob in NY was hit with a credit card surcharge when he used his.

This Mobil Station Hot Dog Promotion Is Confusing

The one for $2.39 looks richer, but the one for $1.99 seems bigger. Tough choice. Is a 44 oz drink worth $0.88 or $1.28?