One Company Has Implanted Tracking Microchips In 150 Employees

Though it might sound kind of cool to wave your hand at a door and have it open like you’re Obi Wan Kenobi, would you be willing to let your company implant a microchip in your hand, the better to track your movements with? [More]

Santos “Grim Santo” Gonzalez

Chase Says It Will Replace All Debit Cards With Chip-Enabled Cards

After an earlier report that it would do so, JPMorgan Chase says it’ll be reissuing debit cards for all its customers, replacing the old magnetic strip cards with those containing microchips for increased security. [More]

(Dave Transier)

United Airlines Foots The Bill To Fly Dog Missing For Four Years Back To Family

It’s not every day you see a dog flying first class – for free – on an airplane. But that’s exactly what passengers on a flight from Iowa to Louisiana witnessed Wednesday, as United Airlines footed the bill to reunite a dog with his family after going missing four years ago. [More]