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Philadelphia Won’t Show Results Of Comcast Customer Survey To Anyone — Except Comcast

From the skyline to the mayor’s office (to the very broadband line through which this story is being published), Comcast is everywhere here in Philadelphia. But even this company town occasionally has to go through the process of reviewing and renewing its franchise agreement with said company. Unfortunately, it looks like some of Philadelphia’s top brass may be dragging its feet on this process — and ignoring the opinions of their constituents — at the same time Comcast tries to acquire Time Warner Cable. [More]

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has been a vocal supporter of Comcast and of its efforts to acquire Time Warner Cable, in spite of the company's low customer satisfaction scores and high prices in its home city.

52 Ill-Informed Mayors Agree: The Comcast/TWC Merger Is Greatest Thing Ever

The gleaming USB drive that is Comcast HQ towers above the rest of the skyline here in Philadelphia, and the company is set to build another gleaming spire as a monument to its greatness right across the street. Just a few blocks away from the nation’s largest cable and Internet provider sits Mayor Michael “Why do people always laugh at my last name?” Nutter, who recently rounded up a bunch of other mayors to tell the FCC how awesome Comcast’s merger with Time Warner Cable would be. Of course, missing from that list of mayors were the leaders of New York City and Los Angeles, the two cities that would be most affected by the deal. [More]