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Costco Raising Membership Fees Starting In June

As predicted earlier this year, it was about time for Costco to do it’s once-every-five-years-or-so price increase on membership fees, and we were right. The warehouse club has confirmed a 10% cost increase for most of its members. [More]

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Trump Golf Club Must Pay $5M To Members Who Paid Dues But Weren’t Allowed To Play

Former members who sued the Trump National Golf Club are owed more than $5 million after a federal judge ruled in found that the company breached its membership contract by taking plaintiffs’ dues while barring them from actually using the club. [More]


The Price Of Your Costco Membership May Be Going Up By 10% This Year

Costco-watching industry analysts say that members of the popular warehouse store should prepare themselves for a possible hike of as much as 10% to the cost of their annual membership at some point in the coming year. [More]

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Costco Expected To Raise Membership Fees By 10% Sometime In The Next Year

The cost of a yearly Costco membership could be going up in the near future: according to analysts at UBS, the retailer is probably going to raise prices by 10% by late this year or early 2017. [More]

Google renamed its same-day shipping service and expanded to three additional cities.

Google Expands, Renames Same-Day Delivery Service, Adds Membership Fees

Less than two years after Google launched same-day shipping with Google Shopping Express, the company is overhauling the service with a new name, an expanded reach and membership fees. [More]

It's About To Become A Bit More Expensive To Shop At Costco

It's About To Become A Bit More Expensive To Shop At Costco

Costco may be a favorite among bargain shoppers (and lovers of free samples), but the warehouse store chain isn’t doing as well as it had hoped, which means it’s time to raise membership fees by 10%. [More]

Beware The Costco And American Express Membership Fee Double Dip

Beware The Costco And American Express Membership Fee Double Dip

Last week we mentioned that Costco has a habit of backdating the starting date for lapsed membership renewals, which prompted Monica to write in and let us know of another issue they seem to have with billing. If you renew your executive membership with Costco but then apply for the Costco American Express card, Amex will charge you the membership fee a second time. Monica says the Amex CSR who fixed the problem told her it happens all the time.

Be Careful, Costco Backdates Renewals

Be Careful, Costco Backdates Renewals

If you let your Costco membership lapse, then 2 months later renew it, Costco will backdate it to day it lapsed instead of the day you renew. The result: your 12 month membership suddenly shrinks to 10 months for the same price. Consumer Reports notes that Costco used to backdate renewals by as much as 5 months before a recent class-action settlement.