Report: Cord Found Wrapped Around Accelerator Of Runaway Boston Train

We knew it: the Boston commuter train that left the station with a driver yesterday didn’t suddenly become self-aware and decide to drive off all on its own. Instead, investigators reportedly found a cord wrapped around the train’s accelerator. [More]

(Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism)

Driverless Boston Commuter Train Carrying 50 Makes It Through 4 Stops Before Humans Catch On, Stop It

UPDATE: Governor Charlie Baker says there’s evidence someone with train smarts tampered with the system. [More]


MBTA Issues Cease-And-Desist Order Forcing Fung Wah To Completely Suspend Service

While budget bus carrier Fung Wah pulled 21 of its 28 buses from service this week after Boston officials raised safety concerns, it had continued to run a reduced route using charter buses. That didn’t fly with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. While the feds investigate the entire fleet, the MBTA has blocked Fung Wah from operating out of the city’s South Station. [More]