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Coty Seals The Deal To Take 43 Beauty Brands Off Procter & Gamble’s Hands For $12.5B

A new look can be expensive, but hey, sometimes you’ve just got to shell out a few billion or so to try out some new cosmetics, right? After earlier reports that it might be in the buying mood, Coty Inc. announced today that it’s shelling out around $12.5 billion to bring 43 Procter & Gamble beauty brands into its company fold. [More]

A Big, Red, Shiny Kiss Goodbye To Max Factor

A Big, Red, Shiny Kiss Goodbye To Max Factor

Max Factor, the venerable cosmetics brand marketed to American women using the faces of familiar film actresses, will disappear from U.S. store shelves forever next year. It will still be available abroad, including in the UK, where it’s a top seller for some reason.