Lucky Charms Brings Back Marshmallow-Only Version, But You Can Already Make Your Own

Have you been craving sugary, candy-colored, magical food items since the Unicorn Frappuccino went away? General Mills has some good news: In a promotion, it will be giving away thousands of Lucky Charms boxes that contain only dehydrated marshmallows, fulfilling a fantasy that many people have had while intoxicated. But getting one of these rare boxes of cereal won’t be as special as it was the first time — and there are much easier ways to eat a bowl of hard, candy-colored marshmallows. [More]

Sure, Let’s Replace Punxsutawney Phil With The Peeps Chicks

Sure, Let’s Replace Punxsutawney Phil With The Peeps Chicks

Groundhog Day is a fun and silly holiday, and Groundhog Day was a fine movie about personal redemption, but it turns out that rodents are not actually very good at predicting the weather. That leaves an opportunity for another animal with weather-indicating abilities to step in and take over… but we’re not sure that the Peeps chicks are really up for the job. [More]

Peep Circle of Life

Here’s The Factory Where Marshmallow Peeps Hatch

Always wondered how marshmallow Peeps are made? Wonder no more. Two billion of the marshmallow critters come out of the production lines in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania every year, most of them for the Easter rush. From start to finish, it takes six minutes for the machinery to make a Peep. [NY Daily News]


Don’t Eat The Marshmallows Shot By The Marshmallow Shooter

Don’t Eat The Marshmallows Shot By The Marshmallow Shooter

Adding to this marshmallow shooter’s retardation as a product, it contains contradictory instructions. The package boasts, “Edible Ammo!” but the warning label says, “Do not eat marshmallows after shooting.” This angers us. We’re going to YouTube ourselves smashing mallows. We’ll run that evil The Marshmallow Fun Company out of business. Just kidding, but seriously, this is dumb.— BEN POPKEN