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More States Legalizing Pot Could Force Feds To Do Something About Bank Access

Operating a store selling a product that’s legal in your state but illegal on the federal level creates a unique business challenge: running a business without being allowed to use banks. Yet ballot initiatives on Election Day, just over a week from today, could make recreational or medical cannabis legal for recreational or medical use in 34 states, and for both in populous states like California and Massachusetts. Could this push the feds to do something about the banking situation? [More]

Medical Marijuana Suddenly A Whole Lot Less Illegal Nationwide

Medical Marijuana Suddenly A Whole Lot Less Illegal Nationwide

Congress passed a massive omnibus government spending bill over the weekend. And while most of the attention is on the fact that lawmakers have managed to avoid the mess of another government shutdown, the 1600-page, $1.1 trillion bill has a lot in it. Particularly of note? After many long years, the federal government has effectively lifted its prohibition on medical marijuana nationwide. [More]


Washington Officials: Just Because Pot Is Legal, You Can’t Light Up Anywhere You Want

Listen, Washington residents. We’re sure some of you are pretty darn excited now that marijuana is on the up-and-up in your state, but that doesn’t mean you can just drag your pipes and vaporizers out of the closet and into the local watering hole. There are still rules that need to be set up governing such things, and the state’s Liquor Control Board says some bar patrons are getting ahead of themselves. [More]

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Members-Only BYO Pot Clubs Popping Up In Colorado In Wake Of Marijuana Amendment

It didn’t take long for marijuana aficionados to bring the stuff out of the home and into the public sphere — not even a month after Colorado legalized recreational pot use in the state, members-only bring-your-own-pot clubs are opening up to host anyone willing to pay a monthly admission fee. We’re guessing it’s 4:20 all the day long once you’re past those doors. [More]


College Students Who Voted To Legalize Marijuana Likely Won’t Be Able To Smoke It On Campus

Unless you’ve buried your head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich, you’ve probably heard that Washington and Colorado recently voted to legalize marijuana in their prospective states. But just like those new rules governing cannabis use won’t go into effect right away, there’s another major buzz kill for fans of the green stuff — namely, those same college students that likely helped the vote succeed won’t be allowed to smoke it on campus.  [More]