Making Change At Walmart

Alan Rappa

Minnesota Cities Claim Walmart Is Using Local Police As Unpaid Security Guards

Across the country, local governments are speaking out about how their police departments are subsidizing security at their local Walmart stores, with officers dispatched there more often than competing discount and grocery stores. Now state legislators from two cities in Minnesota say that they’re working on possible solutions to the issue. [More]


Activists Emphasize Walmart’s Crime Problem In TV Ads Airing In 4 Cities

A number of Walmart stores around the country have been called out for being the epicenters of disproportionate levels of criminal activity and calls to the police. Now a union-backed labor advocacy group is using this information against the nation’s largest retailer in an TV ad campaign highlighting Walmart’s alleged high crime rates — and its cost to local taxpayers. [More]

Labor Board Orders Walmart To Rehire 16 Employees Fired For Striking

Labor Board Orders Walmart To Rehire 16 Employees Fired For Striking

In 2013, a group of Walmart workers chartered buses and traveled to the retailer’s Arkansas headquarters to protest what they believed were inadequate wages and unfair treatment of employees. Several people involved in that event were subsequently fired, but a federal labor court now says Walmart must rehire, and provide back pay to, 16 of these workers.