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Report: Coach, Burberry Not Actively Discussing A Merger, Despite Rumors

Though rumors have been swirling that luxury brands Burberry and Coach are considering a merger — leading to a spike in both companies’ stock prices — inside sources say there aren’t any active discussions happening between the two companies at the moment. [More]


Coach Will Close 250 Of Its North American Department Store Locations

Much like its fellow luxury retail brands, Coach has been trying to turn around its struggling business in recent years. Today, the company said its efforts have actually paid off, and that sales are picking up. But despite that, Coach says it’s time to cut loose about 25% of its department store locations in North America, so it can continue to climb its way back up the retail ladder. [More]

Luxury Accessory Counterfeiters Change Their Methods, Brands Must Catch Up

Luxury Accessory Counterfeiters Change Their Methods, Brands Must Catch Up

It used to be pretty easy to spot counterfeit luxury goods online: when a handbag that normally costs, say, $3,000 is available for $50 on a website that popped up overnight, that’s usually a pretty good hint. That’s why counterfeiters have an interesting new tactic: they’re improving the quality of their fakes and selling them for prices closer to those of the original item. You know, to keep from arousing customers’ suspicion. [More]


Consumers Love Designer Brands, Hate Products Splattered With Logos

The luxury goods industry has a problem: its customers now prefer subtlety. That means that bags that serve as walking billboards yet cost thousands of dollars just don’t sell like they used to. The global rich are now more interested in subtlety and craftsmanship, or they’re tired of feeling like they’re showing off. Maybe both. [More]

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Company Behind Gucci, Other Luxury Brands Suing Alibaba Over Claims Of Counterfeit Goods

Fighting the rising tide of counterfeit goods is a constant battle for luxury brands, and a big priority if they want to stay in business. That’s why a French company behind luxury brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta and sportswear names like Puma is suing Chinese online marketplace Alibaba, claiming it’s making it easy for customers to buy counterfeit goods in bulk through its websites. [More]

High-End Online Retailers Net-A-Porter, Yoox Officially Tie The Knot

High-End Online Retailers Net-A-Porter, Yoox Officially Tie The Knot

It seems like just yesterday we were dreaming of a mega-luxury online retail platform where we could buy all the designer brands our wallets will never be able to afford. That’s probably because it was one day ago that reports began to swirl that online merchants Yoox and Net-A-Porter were thinking of merging to create one big high-end shopping destination on the interwebs. [More]

Net-A-Porter In Deal Talks With Online Retailer Yoox

Net-A-Porter In Deal Talks With Online Retailer Yoox

Amazon’s foray into the luxury apparel business may be over before it even began. Just a week after reports surfaced that the company was in talks to buy high-end retailer Net-a-Porter for $2 billion, the smaller company confirmed it’s seeking a possible deal with someone else. [More]


Amazon Reportedly In Talks To Purchase Luxury Online Retailer Net-A-Porter

Amazon appears to be on the cusp of its largest purchase ever with the potential purchase of luxury online retailer Net-a-Porter. [More]