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Here’s A Letter Verizon Wireless Sent To A User Of ‘Extraordinary Amounts’ Of Data

Verizon Wireless brought back nominally unlimited mobile data by letting users have access just fast enough to check e-mail and make text posts to Facebook once they’re run through their data allotment, but what the company really wants is to get customers who still have unlimited data off their network for good. They’re starting with friendly letters to heavy users. [More]

Former Verizon Wireless Customers Receive $2 Million Bill, Are Slightly Confused

Former Verizon Wireless Customers Receive $2 Million Bill, Are Slightly Confused

A couple in Oregon started mobile phone service with Verizon Wireless, then decided not to stick with the company after some billing weirdness. Something obviously wasn’t right when they received a first bill of $698, so they decided to return their phones and bail. Now, almost a year later, Verizon claims that their account has an outstanding balance of $2,156,593.64, which is one heck of an early termination fee. [More]

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No, You Won’t Get A $59 Credit On Your Verizon Bill For Responding To A Robocall

Except in very limited circumstances, such as an emergency or when you’re waiting for an appliance delivery, it’s generally not a good idea to follow the instructions of a robocall. Many Verizon customers have done just that, handing over their wireless account information to phishers. [More]