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Cat Lost For 2 Weeks In JFK Airport Found Alive

While it only took a few hours for a wolverine roaming Newark airport to be caught and contained, an even more wily creature roamed a different airport in the New York metropolitan area for two weeks. Felix the cat, who was moving from the United Arab Emirates to the U.S. along with his owners, escaped from his carrier when the top was crushed. Fortunately, searchers found him safe and in good health. [More]

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Kitten Escapes New Mexico Home On Halloween, Shows Up 2,300 Miles Away In Maine

There is nothing more suited for a Friday afternoon than a heartwarming tale involving a lost kitten finding her way home against all odds, so I will go ahead and accept your thanks in advance. The starring cat of today’s story escaped her home in New Mexico during Halloween trick-or-treating, only to reappear in Maine a few weeks later. [More]

An example of a wallaby. They are cute.

Pet Owners Seek Help Finding Wandering Wallaby Who’s Been On The Road 8 Months, Probably Eating Triscuits

While you might be thinking what you’re seeing hopping around town is a tiny kangaroo, New York pet owners say it might be their pet wallaby, Indy. He left home eight months ago and has apparently been enjoying a bit of a walkabout, as he’s been spotted in a handful towns in the area where his family lives. Advice if you see him? Try luring him with Triscuits. [More]

The Greyhound That Air Canada Lost In The San Francisco Airport Is Dead

The Greyhound That Air Canada Lost In The San Francisco Airport Is Dead

When the owner of Larry the Italian Greyhound died of cancer, a friend found him a good home with a family in British Columbia, Canada. He just had to get there. She put him on an Air Canada flight with strict instructions not to let him out of his crate…but an Air Canada employee did. He ran away, and no one knew what happened to him for more than two weeks. Larry, it turns out, was hit by a car outside of the airport and rushed to a nearby vet. He was too badly injured, and euthanized at the clinic. [More]

Have you seen this kitty? (via Home Again)

TSA Lets Sickly Taiwan-Bound Cat Loose In JFK Airport

Xiaohwa is a pretty ordinary 4-year-old tabby who lives in Queens. Her owner had to temporarily move back to Taiwan to care for her ailing father, and misses her cat, so a friend traveling there agreed to bring Xiaohwa along. Their flight took off a week ago, but there was no cat on it. During a TSA check, she escaped from her carrier. Now she’s been on her own at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport for seven days. [More]

Delta Lost My Dog, Too

Delta Lost My Dog, Too

Alisa tried to fly two dogs from San Diego to Atlanta, with the intent of continuing on to Germany, where she’s moving with her husband. She says Nala, a German Shepherd who is pictured here, is on the loose thanks to Delta’s mistakes in corralling the pooch. The airline says it’s in touch with Alisa and is doing “everything we can” to help her find the dog.