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L.A. Warning Airbnb Hosts About Their Tax-Collecting Obligations

Subletting one’s home or renting out space on your own property has long been a way for some Los Angeles residents to earn some extra income without telling the taxman. And the rise of home-sharing services like Airbnb and VRBO has only encouraged more people to make money off their unused rooms. But the city of Los Angeles is now sending stern reminders to people who list properties on these sites that they have to pay taxes similar to those paid by hotel operators. [More]

Google Who? L.A. Planning Citywide Gigabit Fiber Network

Google Who? L.A. Planning Citywide Gigabit Fiber Network

While a handful of cities around the country have launched municipal fiberoptic networks to bring ultra-high-speed broadband access to consumers at a reasonable price, none have come close in size to the project reportedly being hatched in Los Angeles that would make gigabit Internet service available to all city residents. [More]