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eBay and Sotheby's online auction site launched today.

eBay & Sotheby’s Joint Marketplace Launches Today

The joint venture announced last year by eBay and Sotheby’s to offer antiques, collectibles and art in an easily accessible online marketplace is finally coming to fruition this week with the launch of the Sotheby’s live auctions experience on eBay. [More]


Live Auctions On eBay Will Begin This Week

Ready to raise a virtual paddle at a high-end auction from your computer or smartphone? Earlier this year, eBay announced that it will revive live auctions and team up with fancy real-life auction house Sotheby’s to bring high-end auctions to new audiences. If it works, that could give eBay new income to help the company through its breakup with PayPal. [More]

eBay Brings Back Real-Time Auctions

eBay Brings Back Real-Time Auctions

Would you stop by eBay for a real-time auction of valuable art or collectibles? Five years ago, the company got rid of their live auctions, though they never really made the reason clear. Now they’ve partnered up with Invaluable, a company that handles online bidding for auctions of much higher-end merchandise than typical eBay fare. [More]