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FCC Stops Authorizing New Providers Of Low-Cost Broadband

New FCC Chair Ajit Pai has made no effort to hide his intention to roll back many of the rules and policies put in place by his predecessor, Tom Wheeler. Now that Congress has effectively undone Wheeler’s internet privacy rules, Pai has set his sights on low-cost internet access. [More]


FCC Officially No Longer Cares If Zero-Rating Is A Problem

It’s been a busy week over at the FCC, as new chair Ajit Pai continues on a streak of rapidly backing the Commission off of every Wheeler-era regulation he can. Earlier this week Pai ordered the FCC to stop defending its prison-calling rate caps in court; today, Pai’s taking on zero-rating and Lifeline — the former, a challenge to net neutrality, and the latter, a way to help low-income folks access the internet. [More]

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Nissan Props Up Mitsubishi With $2.2B Lifeline After Fuel Scandal

After tipping Mitsubishi off to the fact that its vehicles included falsified fuel economy data, Nissan has once again reached out to help its fellow carmaker by extending a $2.2 billion lifeline to the company.  [More]

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Carrier Must Pay $51M For Allegedly Defrauding Lifeline Program

The Federal Communications Commission plans to fine Total Call Mobile $51.1 million after alleging the carrier fraudulently collected payments from a program that subsidizes wireless service for low-income consumers.  [More]

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Divided FCC Votes To Approve Lifeline Modernization, Consider New ISP Privacy Rules

The Federal Communications Commission today in their monthly meeting voted narrowly to move forward with two high-profile, contentious proposals. One is formally adopting a plan to modernize the Lifeline program, and the other is to start considering how to apply stronger consumer privacy protections to ISPs. [More]


FCC Announces Official Lifeline Modernization Proposal, Will Vote On It This Month

Internet access is a necessity, but it’s also kind of a luxury: the poorer you are, the less likely you are to be able to have it. Even while, to keep living in the always-on, always-connected world of the 21st century, you really need it. [More]

FCC, TracFone Reach Settlement: Provider Will Now Unlock Customers Phones’ Like They Said They Would

FCC, TracFone Reach Settlement: Provider Will Now Unlock Customers Phones’ Like They Said They Would

Unlocking your phone is legal, and the wireless industry agreed months ago to a set of conditions that went into effect earlier this year that allow consumers to do just that. Those companies all promised the FCC that they had a plan. And when you tell a federal agency that you have a plan, you probably actually should, and ought to follow it, too. One company didn’t, and that has landed them in some hot water with the commission. [More]

FCC Votes To Expand Lifeline To Broadband; Plans To Reduce Waste, Enhance Scrutiny

FCC Votes To Expand Lifeline To Broadband; Plans To Reduce Waste, Enhance Scrutiny

The FCC voted 3-2 today to expand the Lifeline program for low-income consumers to include an optional credit for broadband access. [More]


The FCC Is Considering A Big Change To Lifeline — But What Is It, And How Does It Work?

The FCC is going to be voting this week on a proposal to make a big change to one of their programs, Lifeline. The program — a subsidy that helps low-income consumers pay for phone service — may expand to help them pay for broadband, too. The topic is politically charged and coverage can be a bit confusing, so here’s a guide on what the FCC currently does with it and what they’re planning to do next. [More]