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Oscar Mayer Wants To Buy World’s Largest Catsup Bottle Because The Wienermobile Is Lonely

One can only imagine how lonely it must be to live the life of a super-sized food item, one whose sole purpose is to advertise, not to be actually consumed: Long days filled with gawkers pointing out how big you are, with no one ever really getting you. But do you know who could understand what it’s like to be say, the World’s Largest Catsup bottle? The Wienermobile. And vice versa. [More]

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What’s that you say? A newsletter can’t be fun? You are so wrong, dear reader! Or at least a little bit wrong. Fine, it’s not that newsletters are like amusement park rides or rolling down a huge grassy hill on a sunny day. But you will be sure that you haven’t missed out on anything good we’ve got to offer, so there’s that. [More]