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Eric Hauser

Samsung CEO To Leave Company Over “Unprecedented Crisis”

It hasn’t exactly been a great year for Samsung: The company’s vice chairman was indicted, arrested, and then sentenced to five years in prison in connection to a massive South Korean bribery case, then there were the Galaxy Note 7 and washing machine explosion debacles. Now the CEO of the tech giant’s electronics division is heading for the door amid what he calls an “unprecedented crisis” within the company. [More]

Morton Fox

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Could Be In Line For Huge Payday After Verizon Deal

As you may have heard, Verizon reached a deal over the weekend to purchase Yahoo for $4.8 billion. What this means for the ‘90s internet relic, or those who serve at its helm is still unclear, but at least one of those people — CEO Marissa Mayer — stands to make a pretty penny if she indeed leaves the company when the deal is all said and done.  [More]

Mitsubishi President Steps Down Amid Fuel Data Scandal

Mitsubishi President Steps Down Amid Fuel Data Scandal

Weeks after Mitsubishi president Tetsuro Aikawa apologized for his company’s role in falsifying fuel data in thousands of vehicles in Japan, the executive has stepped down. [More]