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7 Things We Learned About Food Safety Oversight From A Foodborne Illness Expert

Foodborne illness outbreaks have dominated the news in recent months: E. coli and norovirus at Chipotlelisteria in prepackaged Dole salad mixes, and salmonella in cucumbers. These outbreaks have sickened — and in some cases killed — consumers,  and one food safety expert says that inadequate safety oversight is at least partly to blame. [More]

Debunking The Debt Collectors' Spin Doctors

Debunking The Debt Collectors' Spin Doctors

The nation’s economic woes make debt collection a topic du jour, but while there are some good bits mixed into the Washington Post’s article, “When Debt Collectors Disrupt Dinner,” it probably should have been titled “What Debt Collectors Would Like You To Say And Do When They Call About The Credit Card.” Read it with a shaker of salt. Read on for the good, the bad, and the lazy reporting, plus what you should actually to protect and exercise your rights as a debtor…

Renters Speak: Lead Paint Chips and Sweatpants Lawyers

From ‘Saralegal,’ the girl with the best lawyer-to-be nickname ever:

Here is my tragic tale of woe from an apartment in Baltimore, MD.